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ArtPunks is an NFT collection created using A.I. technology (neural networks) to merge traditional paintings, by various famous, historical, and talented artists with CryptoPunks, that symbolize the revolution of NFTs and digital art in the modern day. Bringing both the past and the future of art together into 10,000 unique NFTs, with varying traits and styles, you can now own a symbolic piece of history, on the Solana Network, and help promote the value of artistic expression and creation.

About ArtPunks Collection

Created by AI (Artificial intelligence)

Every piece in the collection was created using the power of A.I. The A.I. technology was trained to recognize and produce 250 different painting styles and merge them with different CryptoPunks to produce 10,000 unique NFTs.

Unique Metadata

ArtPunks strives to bring recognition to the value of art and to those who create it. To do this, each ArtPunk includes detailed metadata about the art pieces utilized in its creation.  The metadata shows the name of the painting, in English, the painting’s original title, the artist’s name,  the artist’s nationality, the art movement, the painting type, the painting year, the CryptoPunk’s rank, attributes and number of attributes, and its ArtPunk Rank.

Inspired by the Best Works in Human History

Each ArtPunk is created from a famous historical work of art and an iconic CryptoPunk, with the outcome being an amazing way to represent the past and the future all in one. A wide range of artists inspired these pieces. They include famous works by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, artists from the distant past, including B.C. pieces, and some present day artists, that are culturally relevant, talented, and were suggested and are appreciated by our community members.

ArtPunk Collector’s Achievement System

To inspire a deeper appreciation of art, and to give back to our amazing community, ArtPunks holders will soon be eligible to earn NFTs based on their specific collection. Collection achievement levels are being created and when collectors achieve these levels, they will be able to mint a free new NFT, that is relevant to the achievement completed. There are also five different levels that can be achieved based on how long you hold your specific ArtPunks; metal, bronze, silver, gold, diamond. We believe that this is a way to give thanks to our community and further fulfill our mission of bringing more awareness and appreciation to art. The Achievements System is available for all Solana Projects who list on the official website NFTHodlZone as well!

5% Royalties from ArtPunks Collection

To give back to our loyal community members, holders of ArtPunks will be receiving 5% royalties from ArtPunks sales on the marketplace(s). The ArtPunks must NOT be listed on any marketplaces to receive these royalties. The more ArtPunks you hold, the larger your royalties will be!

Minting Proceeds to ArtPunks Holders and DAO from the FramesNFT Collection

Holders will also receive a portion of the minting proceeds from the FramesNFT collection. FramesNFT will work as a project that directly benefits ArtPunks. Holders of ArtPunks will receive 15% of the minting sales for “Frames,” divided amongst all holders and 10% of minting profits will go to ArtPunks/Frames DAO, also 5% of all secondary markets resales will also be sent to the ArtPunks/Frames DAO!

ArtPunks Utility

Collect NFT Achievements

Community members and holders can collect different achievements that are rewarded as NFTs. These achievements are based on collecting ArtPunks, so ranging from holding multiples from a certain artist to multiples from the same movement, you can become eligible for minting free NFTs given in 5 different levels based on the duration you hold the specific ArtPunks (metal, bronze, silver, gold, diamond). Holders can work to collect all the achievements, or go after the ones that interest them most. Once you become eligible for an achievement, you will be able to visit NFTHodlZone and claim your reward! The Achievements system is available for all projects on Solana who register with NFTHodlZone.

Learn more about ArtPunks Achievements

ArtPunks exhibitions

In an effort to bring the ArtPunks collection to mainstream society, we will be working with and collaborating with different galleries and art-related programs to host exhibitions of the collection. As a project that aims to celebrate the value of art and those who create it, we want to ensure ArtPunks is involved in both the NFT and crypto space, as well as brought to the general public.
ArtPunks taking part in exhibitions will be earning additional profits for its owners.

Great ART Contests –
$10.000 in the prize pool

The ArtPunks team will be hosting an art contest for the community, in which they will be eligible to win fantastic prizes. For this contest, the community will be voting for the ArtPunk on our website that they think is the most beautiful or appealing. The top 20 of the ArtPunks with the most votes will win and their holders will receive the specified prizes.

FramesNFT collection

The new FramesNFT collection minted on November 27th, 2021 on the Frames official website.

The FramesNFT collection contains 10,000 gallery walls with one or multiple frames. On our website, “frames” holders will be able to put their own NFTs into the frames and download them displayed on the art gallery wall as a png file or to share it on socials. ArtPunks holders are eligible for benefits from the Frames project, and the entire Solana community can partake in what the project has to offer!

Learn more about “Frames” NFTs collection

ArtPunks Achievements NFT

ArtPunks holders will be able to collect ArtPunks in order to meet certain achievements and earn free NFTs as a reward. The user will connect their wallet to the NFTHodlZone website where it will verify the user holds the appropriate ArtPunks to qualify for the achievement. Achievements are also available based on the duration in which an individual holds their ArtPunks in five separate levels (metal, bronze, silver, gold, diamond).
This is safe to do, as it is only meant to look and make sure you are holding the certain ArtPunks needed. You will then be able to see if you are able to claim any achievement rewards. If you have achievement rewards that you can claim, you will click the claim button that will only work for those that have been verified and meet the requirements. The NFT you earn from completing the achievement will be sent straight to your wallet for free after clicking claim. You can buy, sell or hold it just as you can any other NFT.

ArtPunks Whale [Silver]

Hold at least 100 ArtPunks (for at least 90days)

Zombies Holder [Gold]

Hold at least 3 ArtPunks with the Zombie CryptoPunk type (for at least 1 year)

Picasso collector [Diamond]

Hold at least 3 ArtPunks with the Pablo Picasso as the author (for at least 3 years)

FramesNFT Collection

The “frames” collection was created to directly complement the ArtPunks project and its community, and to bring together the Solana community as a whole. This collection will increase exposure to the project and even will provide new members to the ArtPunks community and also exciting new benefits to ArtPunks holders!


Whitelist for ArtPunks Holders!

All holders of the ArtPunks project will immediately be given priority access (whitelisted status) to the frames collection few days before collection mint.


Passive Income for ArtPunks Holders!

ArtPunks holders will receive fifteen percent of the profits from the “frames” collection minting based on the rank of the ArtPunk(s) they own. This means the higher rank of your ArtPunk, the more you will receive from the profits of the original sale.


Royalties of Frames Secondary Sales to fund the DAO!

The ArtPunks/Frames DAO will receive 5% of the resale royalties from the secondary sales of the Frames on the marketplaces. This is to ensure the DAO is well-funded and properly set up for success to be able to complete any ideas or desires the community votes on for the projects and their futures.


The NFTHodlZone interactive website is the official product of the ArtPunks Team and Project. NFTHodlZone is a place where all Solana projects can come together, list their projects on the site for all to view, and opt to use the tools and benefits that the website offers (listed below). 
NFTHodlZone was created by ArtPunks team, so part of profits is sending to ArtPunks holders and DAO:
30% of profits fund the ArtPunks/Frames DAO.
15% of profits given to ArtPunks holders in the form of royalties.
ArtPunks holders are considered the shareholders of the NFTHodlZone website, and will benefit accordingly!

Exclusive Content

Possibility to provide exclusive content to holders, such as downloadable twitter banners, high-resolution files, special cards and more.

Achievements System

Achievements System for each individual project to be rewarded for collecting certain pieces of the collection and holding them for certain durations that award five different levels (and five different NFTs for one achievement in metal, bronze, silver, gold or diamond).

NFT Analytics

NFT Analytics for each project including recent royalties value, biggest sales to date, volume, number of holders, floor price, etc.

DAO Center

DAO Center to help make the DAO voting and innovation processes smoother and more efficient.

Our Team


Founder, CEO – Data Scientist with a specialization in Computer Vision. The originator and creator of ArtPunks. Windsurfer and investor.


Founder, CFO – Engineer and lover of new technologies. graduated in electronics and telecommunications. History enthusiast and investor.


Founder, CMO – Crypto enthusiast and longterm investor since 2017. NFT collector since 2021. Bitcoin and solana believer. Graduated in services management.


Community Development & Marketing & Project Management – JPEG Art Enthusiast, Computer Hardware Freak, Blockchain Technology Enthusiast 7+ years


Community & Content Consultant – Master of Arts Degree – Content creation, community management, communications expertise – Involved in crypto since 2019, passionate about JPEGs – loves health and fitness, her dog and fiance, coffee and art.


Telegram moderator


Discord developer and moderator


Discord moderator


Graphic designer


Blockchain developer


Web developer


Python developer

ArtPunks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created by neural networks (AI), through a combination of famous paintings with CryptoPunks. Each ArtPunk has information about its original CryptoPunk, from with style was transferred, its author, its painting style, and date of creation.
  1. Download the Phantom or Sollet wallet extension for your browser(Google Chrome recommended).
  2. Buy Solana(SOL) on an exchange like FTX, Binance, Coinbase, etc, and send it to your Phantom or Sollet wallet Public Address.
  3. Open MagicEden or DigitalEyes marketplace and choose an ArtPunk that you want to buy.
  4. Connect your wallet to the marketplace and click "buy" button!
  5. Welcome to the ArtPunks family!
We have not contacted LarvaLabs at this time, but we operate in a similar way as dozens of other projects that commemorate the CryptoPunks legacy such as SolPunks and BinancePunks as examples. Our project is different from the LarvaLabs project, especially in terms of assumptions, because the most important aspect of our project is the promotion of art, its history and future, and its expression, which can be seen in our graphics that can be viewed on our social media channels. Our actions with this project also build even greater recognition for the cryptopunks project, which translates into greater exposure and adoption potential.

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