NFTs by Picasso...

ArtPunks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created by neural networks (AI), through a combination of famous paintings with CryptoPunks.

Mint an ArtPunk – Starts on September 25th

Minting will be possible on our website by clicking button below. The mint price will be decided on the next week as we get closer to launch. Solana’s price is rising every day, so it’s hard to predict what will be a price on the minting day. However, you can expect it to be around 1SOL.
Time to minting launch:

Solana NFT - ArtPunk MINT

Road Map

September 6th-25th –
Community building

@ArtPunks were born just few days ago! At the moment we’re focused on the most important NFT project aspect as you may all know – COMMUNITY!

We organize a lot of giveaways (on Twitter and Discord) and we are also  keep on searching NFTartists, NFTcollectors and NFTfanatics who have a will to support us and help us to grow! Feel free to contact us with your great ideas and thoughts related to our project.


September 25th –
Launch day!

NFT minting will start on our site!
We will make every effort to ensure that the minting process will be fair and smooth.

Mint an ArtPunk

Late September / Early October – Solana NFT marketplace listing

Trade ArtPunks on secondary marketplaces – list of them will be revaled soon.

Great ART Contests –
$10.000 in the prize pool

Once 10,000 ArtPunks have been minted, the great art contest will begin!
The community, through the cup system, will choose the most beautiful ArtPunk. We will also make efforts to invite magazines from the art industry and real art critics to comment on the competition.
The prize pool in the competition will be $10,000!

Details coming soon…


ArtPunks NFT project is a combination of two areas that are very popular recently – NFTs and Artificial Intelligence (AI). ArtPunks were created by convolutional neural networks trained on various most famous paintings. Artificial intelligence learned how to copy the style of a given painter and transfer it to other images – in our case – CryptoPunks – this is how ArtPunks NFTs were created.
However, we do not focus only on the latest technologies, we believe that art takes up a smaller and smaller part of public space, so we decided to create an unprecedented hybrid of painting combined with blockchain and virtual intelligence. 
Our project focuses mainly on the greatest works of the painting world, which are slowly being forgotten by new generations of young people. Our project promote also less known but equally valuable artists – painters often known locally in different countries, but without world renown.
Below you can see some examples of how ArtPunks were created:
CryptoPunk #70
CryptoPunk #70
La Muse – Pablo Picasso – 1935
La Muse - Pablo Picasso - 1935
ArtPunk #68
ArtPunk #68
CryptoPunk #547
CryptoPunk NFT #547
The Great Wave off Kanagawa – Katsushika Hokusai – 1829/1833
The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Katsushika Hokusai - 1829/1833
ArtPunk #838
ArtPunk NFT #838
CryptoPunk #3623
CryptoPunk NFT #3623
The Starry Night – Van Gogh – 1888
ArtPunk #332
ArtPunk NFT #332

Mass media about us

ArtPunks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created by neural networks (AI), through a combination of famous paintings with CryptoPunks. Each ArtPunk has information about its original CryptoPunk, from with style was transferred, its author, its painting style, and date of creation. Based on this data, the rarity of ArtPunk is calculated: it can belong to one of five types: Legendary (only 100), Epic (500), Rare (1200), Uncommon (2200), or Common (6000).
The purchase of ArtPunk will be possible from September 25 and it will be really simple. You will need to connect your Solana wallet and follow the buy prompts.
  1. Download the Phantom or Sollet wallet extension for your browser(Google Chrome recommended).
  2. Buy Solana(SOL) on an exchange like FTX, Binance, Coinbase, etc, and send it to your Phantom or Sollet wallet Public Address.
  3. Click on the "Mint" button, new subpage will be open.
  4. Connect your Wallet to our website by clicking on the Connect button.
  5. Click the “Mint” button and approve the transaction in your Wallet.
Your ArtPunk NFT will be sent to the wallet in a matter of minutes.
At launch we will be allowing purchases and management through two of Solana’s main wallets; Phantom and Sollet.
We are a small international team of friends, founders: Jan, Kamil, Bartek are from Poland. Our main blockchain developer - Aleksandar is from Serbia. In marketing and community building support us 'CryptoBlockPartyNFT' from United Stated (Seattle) and 'discordguru' from Australia (Sydney).
We have reserved 200 ArtPunks for giveaways, competitions, and owner airdrops.
3% royalties will be applied to all resales. We will be using these funds for future development.

ArtPunks NFT ArtPunks NFT - Solana Punks ArtPunks NFT